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  • Kreen Blog is an independent web blog owned by Kreen that contains articles about the upcoming and done events.

  • The contents provided by Kreen Blog consists of two types, such as pre-event article and post-event article. Pre-event article contains writings about an overview of the event topic and a short announcement when the event is going to be held also who the speakers are going to attend later. While post-event article contains writings about a news review of event that had been held a few days before. Generally, the article emphasizes on the conclusions from each speakers invited to the event.

  • As a team, we, Kreen Blog Team ourselves have some people working on upping the articles that has created. They are …

  • PT. Keren Entertainment Indonesia / KREEN is an event company that connects B2B, B2C, and B2G. With networking that reaches various industrial sectors, KREEN has been trusted to help companies and communities on a global and local scale in succeeding the events that are held. With the support of the KREEN team, we always prioritize creative and innovative ways of carrying out an event. It's our mission to fulfil the needs of our clients by creating unforgettable events with innovative ideas, all to exceed the expectations. We have a vision to become a global leader market in creative industry that integrates conferencing, exhibition, advertising, and entertainment.

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